EuroDeSS: European Decision Support System
 What is EuroDeSS?

 It is a collection / federation of Decision Support Systems for European Coastal & Shelf Areas developed and operating at a national level. Most of them are mature services with many years of operation. The main goal of ECOOP is to harmonize these individual systems by upgrading their:

  Input: all systems are upgraded to make use modeling and observational products made available through ECOOP WP2 and WP5 following the standards (netcdf, OpenDAP) defined by WP8 (EuroMISS)

  Output: where applicable, systems are upgraded to use the same visualization standards (WMS, Google Earth) and common formats (applicable to oil spill models).

ECOOP is funded by the European Commision's Sixth Framework Programme, under the priority
Sustainable Development, Global Change and Ecosystems. Contract No. 36355.